Universität Duisburg-Essen


  1. G. Michler:

    On the uniqueness of the Finite Simple Groups with a given Centralizer of a 2-Central Involution

  2. Valer Canda, T.v. Trung:

    A New Mode of Using All-Or-Nothing Transforms

  3. T. v. Trung, S. Martirosyan:

    Constructions for efficient IPP Codes

  4. T. Lange:

    Efficient Arithmetic on Hyperelliptic Curves

  5. W. Lempken/G.O. Michler/K. Waki:

    Another Existence and Uniqueness Proof for the Automorphism Group of McLaughlin's Simple Group

  6. W. Lempken:

    On 2-Local Amalgams Proving Existence and Uniqueness of McL and 3McL

  7. M. Kratzer/W. Lempken/G.O. Michler/K. Waki

    Another Existence and Uniqueness Proof for McLaughlin's Simple Group


Stand 31.10.2002