Universität Duisburg-Essen


  1. G.O. Michler, S. Kawata, K. Uno:

    On Auslander-Reiten components and simple modules for finite groups of Lie-type

  2. G.O. Michler, S. Kawata, K. Uno:

    On simple modules in the Auslander-Reiten components of finite groups

  3. G. Frey E. Kani, H. Völklein:

    Curves with infinite K-rational geometric fundamental group

  4. E. Bedulev, E. Viehweg:

    On the Shafarevich Conjecture for Surfaces of General Type over Function Fields

  5. W. Lempken, B. Schröder, P. H. Tiep:

    Symmetric Squares and Lattice Minima

  6. P. Fleischmann:

    The Noether Bound in Invariant Theory of Finite Groups

  7. W. Lempken:

    Two new symmetric 2- (144,66,30) designs

  8. M. Kratzer, G. O. Michler:

    Janko's simple groups J_2 and J_3 are irreducible subgroups of SL_85 (5) with equal centralizers of an involution

  9. G. O. Michler, M. Weller:

    A new computer construction of the irreducible 112-dimensional 2-modular representation of Janko's group J_4

  10. A. Jones, S. Kawata, G. O. Michler:

    On exponents and Auslander-Reiten components of irreducible lattices

  11. M. Weller:

    Construction of large permutation representations for matrix groups II