Universität Duisburg-Essen

  1. H. -G. Rück, U.Tipp:
  2. A Gross-Zagier formula for function fields

  3. H. Gangl, S. Müller-Stach:
  4. Polylogarithmic Identities in Cubical Higher Chow Groups

  5. W. M. Ruppert:
  6. Closed Differential Forms in Characteristic p

  7. G. Böckle:
  8. Demuskin groups with group actions and applications in group representation theory

  9. G. O. Michler:
  10. High performance computations in group representation theory

  11. G. Böckle:
  12. A local-to-global principle for deformations of Galois representations

  13. D. Benois:
  14. On Iwasawa Theory of Crystalline representations

  15. W. M. Ruppert:
  16. Torsion Points of Abelian Varieties in Abelian Extensions

  17. J. Quer:
  18. Q-curves and abelian varieties of Gl2 -type

  19. S. Wewers:
  20. Deformation of tame admissible covers of curves

  21. W. M. Ruppert:
  22. Two-Dimensional Complex Tori with Multiplication by \sqrt{d}

  23. W. M. Ruppert:
  24. Pencils of Polynomials f(x, y) Î Q [x, y] of Bidegree (2,2) with 6 Conjugate Reducible Fibers

  25. P. Fleischmann:
  26. Relative trace ideals and Cohen-Macaulay quotients of modular invariant rings

  27. G. Frey (Ed.):
  28. Proceedings of the Research Conference on Number Theory and Arithmetical Geometry: Arithmetical Application of Modular Forms, San Feliu de Guixols, Spain, 24-29 October, 1997

  29. Tran van Trung:
  30. Constructions for Near Resolvable Designs and BIBDs

  31. D. R. Stinson, Tran van Trung:
  32. Some New Results on Key Distribution Patterns and Broadcast Encryption

  33. D. R. Stinson, Tran van Trung, R. Wei:
  34. Secure Frameproof Codes, Key Distribution Patterns, Group Testing Algorithms and Related Structures

  35. R. Mathon, Tran von Trung:
  36. Directed t-Packings and Directed t-Steiner Systems

  37. H.-G. Rück, U. Tipp:
  38. Heegner points and L-series of automorphic cusp forms of Drinfeld type

  39. G. Frey, M. Müller
  40. Arithmetic of Modular Curves and Applications

  41. S. Wewers:
  42. Construction of Hurwitz spaces

  43. Tran van Trung:
  44. Recursive Constructions for 3-Designs and resolvable 3-Designs

  45. G. Frey, M. Müller, H.-G. Rück:
  46. The Tate Pairing and the Discrete Logarithm Applied to Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems

  47. R.M. Avanzi, U.M. Zannier:
  48. Separated variables genus 1 curves and a polynomial Pell equation


    Stand 06.10.1998