Universität Duisburg-Essen

  1. I.Kiming:
    On the asymptotics of number of p-core partitions of integers. 

  2. P. Fleischmann and P. Roelse:
    Comparative Implementations of Berlekamp's and Niederreiter's Polynomial Factorization. 

  3. P. Fleischmann, W. Lempken and P. H. Tiep:
    The Primitive p-Frobenius Group. 

  4. P. Fleischmann, W. Lempken and P. H. Tiep:
    The p-Intersection Subgroups in Quasi-Simple an Almost Simple Finite Groups. 

  5. P. Fleischmann and W. Lempken:
    On generators of modular invariant rings of finite groups. 

  6. P. H. Tiep and A. E. Zalesskii:
    Some Characterizations of the Weil Representations of the Symplectic and Unitary Groups. 

  7. C. Paar, and P. Roelse:
    Efficient Multiplier Architectures for Galois Fields GF(2^(4n)). 

  8. S. Paulus:
    Ein Algorithmus zur Berechnung der Klassengruppe quadratischer Ordnungen über Hauptidealringen. 

  9. J. Basmaji:
    Ein Algorithmus zur Berechnung von Hecke-Operatoren und Anwendungen auf modulare Kurven.

  10. U. Tipp:
    Höhenberechnungen von Heegnerpunkten auf Drinfeldschen Modulkurven.  

  11. G. Frey:
    On ternary equations of Fermat type and relations with elliptic curves.  

  12. V. Welker:
    Veronese posets and fibered products of Cohen-Macaulay Posets.

  13. H.-G. Rück:
    Poincare Series of Drinfeld Type.

  14. V. Welker:
    Colored partitions and a generalization of the braid arrangement.

  15. M. Bondarko and S. Vostokov:
    Orthogonal base in a local field.

  16. R. Scharlau and P. H. Tiep:
    Symplectic Groups, Symplectic Spreads, Codes and Unimodular Lattices.

  17. L. Zhukov:
    Milnor's and topological K-groups of multidimensional complete fields.

  18. S. Vostokov and L. Zhukov:
    Additive Galois modules in complete discretely valuated fields.

  19. V. P. Burichenko:
    A new algorithm for the computation of rational canonical forms of matrices.

  20. J. Browkin, H. Gangl:
    Table of tame and wild kernels of quadratic imaginary number fields of discriminants > - 5000 (conjectural values).

  21. P. Fleischmann:
    Finite Fields, Root Systems and Orbit Numbers of Chevalley groups. 

  22. P. Fleischmann:
    A new degree bound for vector invariants of symmetric groups

  23. A. Premet:
    Complexity of lie algebra representations and nilpotent elements of the stabilizers of linear forms. 

  24. H.-G. Rück:
    L-Series of Automorphic Cusp Forms of Drinfeld Type.

  25. A. Razon:
    The Elementary Theory of e-Free PAC Domains

  26. D. J. Green, I. J. Leary:
    The spectrum ot the chern subring.

  27. D. J. Green, P. A. Minh:
    Transfer and Chern classes for extraspecial p-groups.



Stand 31.12.1997