Universität Duisburg-Essen

  1. A. Cohen and P.H. Tiep:
    Splitting Fields for Jordan Subgroups.

  2. S. Sundram and V. Welker:
    Group Representations of the Homolgy of Products of Posets.

  3. J. Pulkus und V. Welker:
    On the homotopy type of the p-subgroup complex for finite solvable groups.

  4. L. Smith:
    E. Noether's Bound in the Invariant Theory of Finite Groups.

  5. X. Wang:
    The simple abelian subvariety A_f of J_0 (N)

  6. M. Weidner und V. Welker:
    On the Post of Conjugacy Classes of Subgroups of π-Power Index.

  7. P. H. Tiep:
    On the solvability of the kernel of any orthogonal decomposition.

  8. I. Dumer:
    On design of long nonbinary multiple-error-correcting codes.

  9. I. Dumer:
    Concatenated Techniques in Coding Theory.

  10. I. Kiming:
    On the number of p-spin blocks of defect zero of covering groups of symmetric groups.

  11. V. Welker, M. Ziegler and R. Zivaljevic:
    Comparison lemmas and applications for diagrams of spaces.

  12. M. Kapranov and A. Smirnov:
    Cohomology Determinants and Reciprocity Laws.

  13. R. Mathon and T. van Tran:
    Unitals and unitary polarities in symmetric designs.

  14. T. van Tran:
    Symmetric Designs.

  15. I. Kiming:
    A note on a theorem of A. Granville and K. Ono.

  16. D.J. Green and I.J. Leary:
    Chern Classes and Extraspecial Groups.

  17. W.D. Geyer and M. Jarden:
    Bounded Realization of l-Groups over Global Fields - The method of Scholz and Reichardt.

  18. P. Fleischmann and I. Janiszczak:
    On the computation of conjugacy classes of Chevalley Groups.

  19. G. Frey and T. van Tran:
    Proceedings der Tagung: Datensicherheit in Netzen und Einsatz von Chipkarten.

  20. D.J. Green:
    Chern Classes and Extraspecial Groups of order p^5.

  21. P.H. Tiep:
    A Remark on a Theorem of P. de la Harpe and V.F.R. Jones.

  22. P.H. Tiep and A. Zalesskii:
    Minimal Characters of the Finite Classical Groups.

  23. B. Bekker and S. Vostokov:
    Shafarevich basis in the Milnor K-groups of a multidimensional local field.

  24. P. Fleischmann:
    Polynomial Identities for Orbit Numbers of General Linear and Unitary Groups over Finite Fields.

  25. P. Fleischman, W. Lempken and P.H. Tiep:
    Finite p'-Semiregular Groups.

  26. A.E. Zalesskii:
    Minimal polynomials and eigenvalues of p-elements in representations of quasi-simple groups with a cyclic Sylow p-subgroup.

  27. G.O. Michler and R. Staszewski:
    Diagonalizing Characteristics Matrices on Parallel Machines.

  28. V. Welker:
    Constructions preserving evasiveness and collapsibility.

  29. P. Fleischmann, I. Janiszczak and R. Knörr:
    The number of regular semisimple classes of special linear and unitary groups.

  30. H.W. Gollan:
    A new existence proof for Ly, the sporadic simple group of R. Lyons.


Stand 20.2.96